Having Meat Grow, Here's What You Need to Know

Although it doesn't cause pain or itching, having meat growing on the skin can interfere with your appearance. Meat is not dangerous to grow. However, these lumps can become irritated and become painful if rubbing against your own clothes, jewelry, or skin. Everyone can have meat growing. However, meat growth generally occurs in adults, the elderly, and also people who are obese or diabetic. Meat Is Harmless To Grow In medical language, growing flesh is called acrochordon (skin tag). These lumps usually grow with a small size, which is about 2-5 millimeters, and can be enlarged. Growing flesh can appear anywhere on the body, such as the armpits, thighs, eyelids, neck, chest, under the breast, and also under the folds of the buttocks. However, it more often grows in the armpit and neck area. Growing flesh is formed from a network of collagen fibers that have relaxed and blood vessels surrounded by the skin. The formation of growing flesh is thought to be triggered by frequent
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